Mr. Cannabis RC
Mr. Cannabis RC


MCrc CANNABIS CATECHISM presents the truths in a way that facilitates a simple understanding of the subject matter at hand and emphasizes acute awareness. The Author, MR CANNABISrc, presents "matter-of-fact" expressions of practical knowledge and folkways of central importance that concern the healthy and responsible consumption of recreational cannabis; Addressing the trials for a correct conscience to all ages for moral conduct when partaking of the cannabis herb.

In the end, MCrc proclaims the 10 Commandments for the Responsible Consumption of the Cannabis Plant. MR CANNABISrc says..."The First Commandment is the most important one of all!"


Mr. Cannabis RC
Mr. Cannabis RC
1st comm

Who is MR CANNABISrc?  

MR CANNABISrc is a fictitious character posing himself inside the genre of artistic literature and prose, addressing the youth of today who thrive in a complex society plagued with social ills and daily trials for a correct conscience. MCrc is a divine prophet sent by God from the Genesis Garden of Cannabis™ to speak of truth and goodness about the cannabis plant, and to teach and show all Mankind about the Vices and the Virtues of the cannabis plant.

Hereby, MCrc focuses his messages to teens and young college-aged adults by stressing the health risks and the many social and educational hazards as profound reasons why to:


MR CANNABISrc is a pen name for author, Angi Perretti.

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