MCrc PLEDGE KIT with Handbook




MR CANNABISrc says…”TEENS! Present a very unique gift to your Parents. PARENTS! Present a very unique gift to your special young person.” From Kids to Parents…from Parents to Kids…This gift is one that will become an important topic for vital conversations. And, its’s a gift that will keep on giving all year long. Perfect for Birthdays, Graduations, Christmas and Special Occasions…ANYTIME!

The MCrc PLEDGE KIT with a book includes:

MCrc CANNABIS CATECHISM Handbook with an additional PLEDGE Card
MCrc 1st Commandment T-Shirt w/ Bookmark Hangtag
(Order your unisex size for T-Shirt)
MCrc Team Cooling Towel
MCrc Pencil Case w/ MCrc Commemorative Stylus Pen & Sticky Note Pad


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